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Top-ranked stocks for late Q4 2023 backed by scientific analysis

  • November 09, 2023
  • 11 min read
  • Introduction to FINQFIRST, a portfolio designed for hassle-free stock investment.
  • Explore the current top 10 ranked stocks and their performance for late Q4 2023.

Investing in the stock market is a significant endeavor, fraught with vast amounts of data, emotional ups and downs, and unpredictable market swings. Investors often find themselves overwhelmed, drowning in information, and at the mercy of their own emotions, which can lead to expensive mistakes. Here is where FINQ comes into play.

FINQ is a powerful platform driven by AI and data, designed to cut through the noise, synthesizing financial expert insights, public opinion, and hard data into actionable information. It provides a clear, continuous, and relative ranking of all S&P stocks, equipping investors with scientific tools they really need.

While FINQ offers three distinct portfolios, today, our focus is squarely on FINQFIRST. Updated daily, FINQFIRST is a portfolio that showcases the top ten ranked S&P stocks. I’ll explain how FINQ derives these rankings, spotlight its top-ranked stocks as of the end of October, and demonstrate how the ranked stocks outperformed the S&P 500. 

Between August 25, 2022, and October 30, 2023, FINQFIRST outperformed the S&P 500 with gains of 23.34% compared to a -1.95%

The volatility of the last two years

Between 2021 and 2023, Wall Street witnessed dramatic swings. The S&P 500 impressively climbed 27.6% in 2021, despite the 10-year Treasury yield leaping from 0.9% to 1.5%. However, 2022 saw the market’s worst year since 2008, with the Dow declining by 8.8%, the S&P 500 plummeting 19.4%, the Nasdaq dropping 33.1%, and a notable inflation peak of 9.1% in June. Fast-forward to 2023: amidst economic uncertainties, an August CPI rise of 3.7%, and the Federal Reserve maintaining interest rates at a 22-year high of 5.25-5.5%, there's a looming shadow of a 60.8% recession probability predicted by the New York Fed. Yet both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 remain net positive year-to-date, with the NASDAQ notably up nearly 27% as of October 31, 2023.   

For FINQ, these fluctuations are nothing more than data dynamics; they represent daily changes in our big data machine. At times the result is a change in our ranking, as new risks and opportunities arise in the stock market,  like "any other day at work".

The emotional roller-coaster of investing

The market's roller-coaster nature affects the numbers and the investors' emotional journey. Investors often start with optimism and excitement. However, market fluctuations soon replace that enthusiasm with anxiety and fear. A prolonged market downturn can make investors despair and consider selling their shares, even if they actually need to buy more. But as the markets bounce back, hope and relief emerge. This cycle often ends with joy and euphoria during market upturns, leading to complacency and investors buying shares they need to sell. 

In stark contrast, FINQ’s breakthrough technology operates with algorithmic precision, devoid of emotion, thus ensuring its ranking decisions remain unaffected by the destructive emotional psychological tumult. 

FINQFIRST: outperforming the S&P500

The financial world is noisy and ever-changing, and it's easy to feel lost amidst the tumult. Amidst this clamor, FINQFIRST changes the investment world in a similar way to how ChatGPT has done for the general information world, simplifying the investment process by spotlighting the top 10 ranked stocks, updated daily and backed by an AI scoring system. Between August 25, 2022, and October 30, 2023, FINQFIRST outperformed the S&P 500, boasting gains of 23.34% compared to the S&P's -1.95% and a year-to-date performance of 37.76% versus 7.24%.  

FINQFIRST trumps S&P 500: 23.34% gain vs -1.95%, with a 37.76% annual return.



The data and approach behind the ranks

How is FINQFIRST able to outperform the market? The answer lies in leveraging the power of AI to synthesize vast amounts of data into actionable insights for investors. The methodology is meticulous and multifaceted, designed to simplify complexity and provide a competitive edge in financial decision-making.

FINQFIRST returns over time

Here's how:

Collecting and structuring the data

FINQ gathers essential data from vast sources of relevant data and organizes it into three distinct categories, each represented on a digitized scale:
  • Professional wisdom: Gleaned from thousands of Wall Street analysts, professional investors, and others. This metric gauges the collective expertise of those deeply entrenched in the financial world.
  • Crowd wisdom: Tapping into media, blogs, forums, social media traffic trends, etc., FINQ harnesses the collective insights and sentiments of the masses.
  • Fundamentals: Delving into the nitty-gritty, FINQ examines company-specific financial information to understand a stock's inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Synthesizing data into intelligence

FINQ sits above all the relevant data and consolidates the above-mentioned categories into a comprehensive big data repository. Advanced AI filters out irrelevant information, pinpointing data with robust theoretical and scientific foundations. Complex products are broken down into core components and appraised for value and risk, with AI synthesizing patterns in the extensive dataset. The result is a digital numeric score, providing investors with a continuous, relative measure of investment attractiveness.

STOCKS-AI: pioneering continuous autonomous stock analysis

Traditional financial investment support has been dominated by analog processes, often delaying the flow of critical information. FINQ changes this landscape with cutting-edge algorithms that continuously collect and analyze data, delivering live data insights. The flagship of this innovation is the STOCKS-AI technology, which provides a simple, numerical, and constantly updated comparison of all S&P stocks. This tool offers a transparent and empirical score for each stock, guiding investors to discern scientifically evaluated opportunities in real-time, actually giving us anytime which stock is ranked 1 and which is last. 

Equipping investors with strategic portfolio tools

Finally, FINQ transcends basic data services by providing investors with powerful tools designed to outperform market benchmarks. Users gain access to an extensive selection of 500 stock rankings, along with three distinct, continuously updated portfolios. FINQ strategically crafts each model to provide financial insights and offer clear directives for buying and short-selling. Moreover, FINQ's solutions cater to diverse investment objectives, delivering valuable insights for practical application by investors at every experience level.

Top 10 stocks ranked by FINQ:

As of the market close on October 23, 2023, here's a snapshot of FINQFIRST’s top-ranked stocks. From Amazon to Visa, FINQ’s deep analysis identified the below as the top 10 to consider right now. 

 1. Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN)

Amazon's the top-ranked stock on this list for many other reasons beyond its e-commerce footprint—from cloud computing with AWS to digital streaming and AI innovations. Their growth potential looks impressive, especially with global e-commerce penetration expected to more than double in the coming years. A testament to their dominance? A Bank of America survey revealed that 58% of online shoppers begin their hunt on Amazon, with 30% completing most of their online purchases there. Their Prime membership's growth trajectory and foray into the grocery sector further amplify their appeal.  

As of October 30, 2023, AMZN has achieved a year-to-date return of 57.99%, despite a -2.49% dip in Q3's start, and a subsequent 4.40% gain since Q4 began.

Amazon's FINQ rank

The last time AMZN was not in FINQFIRST's top 10 was on November 17, 2022, when it held the 16th position, with scores of 89/100 in Professional Wisdom, 73/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 0/100 in Fundamentals. Today, AMZN has improved significantly, achieving a perfect 100/100 in both Professional Wisdom and Fundamentals and a Crowd Wisdom score of 66/100.

2. NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

NVIDIA is essentially the face of the GPU industry and at the heart of the AI revolution. From gaming to the metaverse, their chips power various applications, including data analysis, image creation, and more. Their foothold in AI paints a bright future, particularly with high-demand chips like those that power platforms such as ChatGPT. And the numbers back it up: Gartner anticipates AI semiconductor revenue to hit $53 billion this year, surging to over $119 billion by 2027.  

As of October 30, 2023, NVDA has achieved a year-to-date return of 181.75%, 2.84% since Q3's start, and a -5.37% loss since Q4 began.


Before NVDA entered FINQFIRST's top 10, it was ranked 11 on April 4, 2023, with scores of 91/100 in Professional Wisdom, 50/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 0/100 in Fundamentals. In comparison, today, NVDA has a 99/100 Professional Wisdom score, 74/100 Crowd Wisdom score, and 33/100 Fundamentals score. 

3. PayPal Holdings Inc. (PYPL)

Digital payments are the future, and PayPal stands as a pioneer. That’s why it’s one of the top-ranked stocks on this list. Their secure, user-friendly platform and international partnerships cement their position in the financial tech landscape. With a massive user base of 430 million active accounts and a shift towards digital, their ecosystem of products and users ensures they remain a top choice for online financial transactions. 

As of October 30, 2023, PYPL’s stock has declined -28.32% year-to-date, -12.39% since Q3's start, and -12.68% since Q4 began.

PayPal's FINQ rank

Before PYPL entered FINQFIRST's top 10, it was ranked 14 on July 23, 2023, with scores of 93/100 in Professional Wisdom, 60/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 100/100 in Fundamentals. In comparison, today, PYPL has a 93/100 Professional Wisdom score, 56/100 Crowd Wisdom score, and 100/100 Fundamentals score. 

4. Meta Platforms Inc. (META)

Formerly Facebook, Meta Platforms' efficiency and accessibility in a standardized operating system make it a giant in the tech world. Their strategic advantage is unparalleled, with a large global user base of 3 billion monthly active users and network effect. Despite its share of controversies, the stock has shown robust performance.

As of October 30, 2023, META’s stock has surged 151.50% year-to-date, gained 4.61% since Q3's start, and remained relatively flat at 0.82% since Q4 began.

Meta's FINQ rank

Before META entered FINQFIRST's top 10, it was ranked 12 on July 18, 2023, with scores of 99/100 in Professional Wisdom, 56/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 0/100 in Fundamentals. In comparison, today, META has a 97/100 Professional Wisdom score, 48/100 Crowd Wisdom score, and 33/100 Fundamentals score. 

5. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Over the years, Microsoft has not only dominated the software industry but has also made significant strides in cloud computing, gaming, and productivity tools, ensuring a diverse and robust revenue stream. What truly sets Microsoft apart, however, is its forward-thinking approach and willingness to invest in the future. The company's foray into AI and its $10 billion investment in OpenAI, the powerhouse behind ChatGPT, positions Microsoft as a potential pure play in this revolutionary field. As generative AI continues to gain traction and transform industries, investors in Microsoft are not just investing in a tech giant; they are investing in a company that is at the forefront of AI innovation.  

As of October 30, 2023, MSFT’s stock has surged 41.61% year-to-date, declined -7.08% since Q3's start, and gained an impressive 6.83% since Q4 began.

Microsoft's FINQ rank

As recently as October 25, 2023, MSFT sat outside FINQFIRST's top 10 ranked 12 with scores of 91/100 in Professional Wisdom, 84/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 22/100 in Fundamentals. In comparison, today, MSFT has a 95/100 Professional Wisdom score, 86/100 Crowd Wisdom score, and 33/100 Fundamentals score.

6. McDonald’s Corporation (MCD)

A timeless brand, McDonald's remains a titan in the fast-food sector. Their adaptability, expansive global footprint, and franchise model make them a tempting stock. Beyond their iconic burgers, what sets McDonald's apart is their unwavering customer experience, streamlined supply chain management, and a vast network of over 40,000 restaurants worldwide. Their emphasis on technology further ensures they stay ahead of the curve. 

As of October 30, 2023, MCD’s stock was relatively flat year-to-date at 0.35%, while it declined -11.24% since Q3's start, and -1.25% since Q4 began.

McDonalds' FINQ rank

Before MCD entered FINQFIRST's top 10, it was ranked 11 on October 4, 2023, with scores of 94/100 in Professional Wisdom, 38/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 67/100 in Fundamentals. In comparison, today, MCD has a 93/100 Professional Wisdom score, 50/100 Crowd Wisdom score, and 67/100 Fundamentals score. 

7. Palo Alto Networks ​​(PANW)

Palo Alto Networks shines as a global leader in cybersecurity, offering a robust suite of services that protect everything from enterprise networks to cloud environments. What makes this company a magnet for investors is its innovative use of artificial intelligence and automation, ensuring top-notch security across the board. With a keen eye on network and cloud security, as well as security operations. Notably, PANW’s Prisma Cloud platform is a game-changer, offering comprehensive protection for multi-cloud environments, ensuring safety from code to runtime.

As of October 30, 2023, PANW’s stock gained 70.95% year-to-date, declined -8.25% since Q3's start, and gained 1.75% since Q4 began.

Palo Alto’s FINQ rank

As recently as October 29, 2023, it was ranked 12 with scores of 92/100 in Professional Wisdom, 58/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 33/100 in Fundamentals. In comparison, today, PANW has a 96/100 Professional Wisdom score, 56/100 Crowd Wisdom score, and 33/100 Fundamentals score.

8. Fortinet Inc. (FTNT)

In an era marked by digital transformation and geopolitical challenges, Fortinet delivers premier cybersecurity solutions. With their extensive protection suite and impressive free cash flow margin of 35%, they stand out as one of the best stocks to consider on this list. 

As of October 30, 2023, FTNT’s stock gained 15.20% year-to-date and declined -22.37% since Q3's start and -4.02% since Q4 began.

Fortinet’s FINQ rank

You can see how FINQ’s scores have correlated with the stock’s ranking. For instance, when FTNT was ranked as low as 83 on May 23, 2023, it had scores of 88/100 in Professional Wisdom, 52/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 33/100 in Fundamentals. Now, ranked in the top 10, FTNT has scores of 89/100 in Professional Wisdom, 50/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and a perfect 100/100 Fundamentals score.

9. ServiceNow (NOW)

ServiceNow is revolutionizing the way global enterprises operate, making it a standout choice on this list. By digitizing workflows across industries and governments, their Now Platform breaks down silos and connects systems, departments, and processes seamlessly. From enhancing IT operations and reimagining customer experiences to simplifying employee services and empowering users to create their own applications, ServiceNow covers all bases.  

As of October 30, 2023, NOW’s stock gained 46.43% year-to-date, while seeing a pedestrian -0.54% performance since Q3's start and 1.71% since Q4 began.

ServiceNow’s FINQ rank

As recently as October 22, 2023, NOW wasn’t just ranked outside of the top 10- it was ranked outside the top 30! With a 37 ranking, NOW had scores of 87/100 in Professional Wisdom, 66/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 33/100 in Fundamentals. Now, ranked in the top 10, NOW has scores of 91/100 in Professional Wisdom, 100/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 33/100 in Fundamentals.

10. Broadcom (AVO)

Broadcom Inc. stands out as a global tech powerhouse, offering many semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. With its diverse range of products and intellectual property, the company has carved out a unique space in both semiconductor solutions and infrastructure software, making it an attractive prospect on this list. From data management in various networking applications to innovative mobile solutions and comprehensive software that streamlines application development and security across platforms, Broadcom showcases a commitment to technological advancement and market leadership.  

As of October 30, 2023, AVGO’s stock gained 53.18% year-to-date, declined -3.73% since Q3's start, and gained 1.28% since Q4 began.

Broadcom’s FINQ rank

On September 5, 2023, AVGO was ranked outside the top 30 at 33, with scores of 87/100 in Professional Wisdom, 44/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 100/100 in Fundamentals. Now, ranked 10, AVGO has scores of 88/100 in Professional Wisdom, 60/100 in Crowd Wisdom, and 100/100 in Fundamentals.

Navigating the market's volatility

It's no secret that the stock market is a realm of unpredictability. But for those who stay vigilant, the fluctuations can reveal hidden treasures. While market downturns might deter some, they often offer opportunities for astute investors. FINQ offers unparalleled insights on which stocks to buy and sell, regardless of market conditions. Our continuous performance-driven portfolio is informed by all data inputs, from market sentiment to economic indicators, ensuring you make informed decisions and remain profitably invested.

Spotlighting the gems

Take, for instance, stocks like NVDA, which soared with an astonishing 241.10% in the last year, or Meta, which bucked a 3-month market trend by registering a 7.68% gain. These examples underscore that, even in tumultuous times, certain stocks continue to shine. By leveraging tools like FINQFIRST, which employs a blend of professional insights, crowd wisdom, and robust financial fundamentals, investors can uncover these promising stocks and make informed decisions.

Final words: A bright investment horizon with FINQFIRST

In a world where the stock market is the most important place to create wealth for future generations, but decision support tools are generally poor, and human emotions are dysfunctional, FINQFIRST offers a breakthrough solution for consumers, providing them with all the data they need 'simplify’ investment decisions, minimize uncertainty, and gives one the continuous tools to hopefully create wealth.  

30+ years of experience in investment management and investment banking with technology and VC expertise have made Tamir a cornerstone of the investing community. Tamir is also a public figure in the financial sector, served as a judge in the local Shark Tank TV show, and is a regular panel member in the local and foreign media. Tamir is the founder and CEO of the Tamir Fishman Investment House.